Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pinwheel Cookies

I've been wanting to try these cookies ever since I came across the recipe in the Woman's Day Holiday Cookies magazine. And by holiday - that was Christmas, actually..... My ambition for fancy cookie baking in December exceeded the time available, but I thought they would be very pretty for Valentine's Day, and I even managed to nudge several of them into being round!

The cookies are made up of three flavored doughs - chocolate, of course, and then the pink is made with dried cherries, and the green with pistachios. They did take me a while to make! Oatmeal with butterscotch chips, toll house cookies and those peanut blossoms with the Hershey kisses are my usual fare, so these were kinda fun. I would be glad to share the recipe with anyone who wants it.

These (well, the really round and pretty ones!) are on their way to Chicago for my daughter in her Valentine's Day box - filled with all things pink. Even though our girls are young ladies now, I still enjoy packing up a box filled with holiday 'goodies' for them.

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  1. Hi Nancy, thanks for visiting my blog...THose cookies sure look yummy! Hope to pop in again soon and check things out. I have not had a chance to add all the links and banners yet to my sites, but I will let you knwo when I add you. Becs