Monday, April 27, 2009

This says Spring to me.......

...when I look out my dining room window and see flats of new flowers placed around this old maple tree just waiting to be planted! Filled with anticipation and optimism, we made our first major foray to the garden shops on Saturday late afternoon. Nothing too fancy here ~ some bright little annuals that will edge my herb garden, geraniums, and a couple new hostas.

And speaking of optimism - see those tomato plants on the left? My husband is planning bigger and better squirrel protection for this summer! Despite vows to purchase all our tomatoes at the local farmers' market this year, he can't resist a challenge!

Saturday morning found us at the Webster Groves Herb Society's annual herb sale. Those in the know arrive at least a half hour early, eat a portable breakfast in line, and chat with other gardeners. Ladies from the Herb Society circulate with slices of lavender pound cake and rosemary shortbread. As you approach the sales area, there were tables set with vintage tablecloths and more goodies to sample ~ herb flavored cheese spreads and mint infused lemonade. Wish I had brought my camera! This is a lovely sale with a fabulous variety of herbs, and we returned home with plenty new additions for our herb garden.

Our Solomon's Seal is in bloom. This elegant plant with graceful arching stems enjoys the shade and has these dainty white flowers in the Spring ~

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  1. I have something very similar to this plant all along my fence line at the new place. I'll have to take some pics and post on my blog. I want to know what they are. The difference between mine & yours is teh flower part is shorter and shaped like a bell.

    Your flowers are gorgeous!! I'm just now getting buds on my newly planted rose bush and my bulbs have broken through the ground. Soon... color.