Thursday, July 16, 2009

Home from France

Our vacation in France this summer was glorious! Before I say one more word about our experiences ~ the magnificent sights, lush gardens, delicious food ~ let me say that most wonderful of all was the opportunity to share this adventure with my sweetie husband and our lovely daughters. France is a special destination for us, but family vacations anywhere and anytime are moments to be cherished!

We spent one delightful week at the very charming Berry-sur-Cher, a longere - a long white stone farm house - built from 1750 to 1890. Owned by a woman who lives in Boston, she rents out her beautiful home when she is not in residence - it was an extraordinarily fortunate 'find' for us as we were searching for houses to rent in the Loire Valley. It was located on the outskirts of the tiny village of Meusnes, which had a church, a boulangerie (a bakery - of course!), and a post office. Our nearby town was Selles-sur-Cher, where we could find several nice cafes and shops, plus a good size market on Thursday mornings.

I loved the outdoor eating areas!

There was this cute table just outside the back of the house that was just perfect for breakfasts.

Late in the evenings we would return from touring and have dinner in this lovely dining room. It stays bright in France till well after 10:00 p.m. so your touring day can be quite long! We would spread out one of the pretty tablecloths, and unwrap the day's collection of cheeses, sausages, and pates, break apart the ever present baugette, open the wine ~ and spend an enjoyable hour discussing our adventures and planning for the next day. Oh, and then, there were the almost-too-pretty to eat pastries that we just couldn't seem to resist!

Our living room was rather elegant, but we found it comfortable and inviting. A couple nights we had a fire in the fireplace - despite the warm late June days, these old stone houses retain their coolness except during the height of summer's heat.

Our kitchen was well equipped and thoughtfully stocked with condiments and tea, plus a welcome basket with wine and cookies!

A cozy place for breakfast ~

And a charming cupboard of plates, cups, bowls, and pitchers ~

I loved all the details ~

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