Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some French Window Shopping

The store windows are all so tempting. These little jewels above are French macaroons ~ dainty little cookies which appear in every shade and flavor imaginable. They are a bit pricey, but a very delightful treat, and well deserving of their elegant display! You can purchase them in beautifully arranged gift boxes ~ but we each selected just one. Mine was lavender. Other flavors included raspberry, green apple, mango, white chocolate, black cherry, butter cream... and so on. Wouldn't they make a wonderful hostess gift?

These are cannales, a traditional pastry of the Bordeaux area. They are small cakes, and I understand that are baked at high temperatures, which causes the outer edge of sugar to brown and carmelize! The cannales are made using a batter more like crepe batter, and the outer edge is somewhat hard, while the inside stays yummy and moist ~ very rich indeed!

The "Les Mis" look seemed to be popular in France this summer ~ lots of layers of soft, feminine, lightweight clothing, always in neutrals, creams, lavenders and pale pinks.

Colorful faience ceramics from Brittany. Faience is an earthenware pottery covered in an enameled glaze, and then typically hand-painted with intricate flowers, birds, and characters. It was hugely fashionable in France in the 17th and 18th centuries. The quimper faiencerie was founded in the late 1600's and their wares, depicting Breton figures, remain popular today.

And an interesting cracker (?) that we found in our bread baskets in Brittany - the craquelins are shaped like a very shallow bowl.

Looking in a charcuterie window and wanting to try one of everything! Here you can find prepared meats (sausages, pates, terrines), along with a tempting array of quiches, stuffed tomatoes, and all manner of inviting veggie creations ~ is there a child in France that doesn't like his vegetables!?

And this is the store window that caught my husband's eye ~ antique books and maps. You can see he's proudly holding the purchasehe made there.

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